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Frequently Asked Questions

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💖 Why choose WeFibre?

Our network runs independently built using fibreoptic cables, which connects directly into your home or business.

Our network does not rely on the old copper based networks used to deliver today’s broadband service. This enables us to offer download speeds 14x faster than the UK average & upload speeds 64x faster!

The majority of ‘fibre broadband’ sold today is only a fibre connection up the green or grey cabinet in the street. From there it uses the old copper phoneline to deliver your broadband into your home, leaving it open to slower speeds due to interference and how many people are sharing the connection to the cabinet.

WeFibre’s full-fibre network brings the fibre straight into your home ensuring you get the full 1Gbps with no slowdown over distance or because of the number of users.

WeFibre broadband will deliver symmetrical upload and download speeds of 1Gbps.

What does this mean?

You’ll download a movie in little more than 30 seconds, you can upload all your holiday snaps to cloud storage in seconds and importantly, everyone in your home will be able to use the internet for what they want at the same time, be it streaming, browsing or gaming with no buffering or slowdown.

All active projects are visible on our website, wefibre.com and once you are registered, you will receive regular updates and timescales


Our full-fibre hyperspeed broadband is available to both residential & business properties.

Head to wefibre.com to register your interest today.

No you don’t. We’re all about supporting small businesses and so anyone that owns a business registered to their home address, can take advantage of our residential pricing.

Of course!

You can enjoy all the benefits our full-fibre hyperspeed broadband provides!

In some cases, we may need to ensure we have your landlord’s permission so your registration of interest will help speed up this process.

Our full-fibre broadband delivers hyperspeeds of 1Gbps Mbps download & 1Gbps Mbps upload!

What does this mean?

It means you can download HD movies & upload all your holiday snaps all at the same time in seconds. Everyone in your home can be online, using multiple devices all at the same time, any time of the day with no buffering or slowdown.

As we are deploying a brand new network, this can mean there may be a little disruption.

We use existing ducts and poles wherever possible so that disruption is kept to a minimum.

We hate it when others advertise the best product and get you all excited only to find that you need to pay four times the advertised price to get that product and that’s why we only have one package, the best one at the entry level price - 1,000Mbps for £20 per month or £60 per month if you’re a business.

🔨 Installation

Installation is completely free if you are applying for a Rural Gigabit Voucher or part of the Broadband Upgrade Fund

If you don’t have a Rural Gigabit Voucher or you aren’t part of the Broadband Upgrade Fund there is a £49 installation fee for connection of services with your property.

Depending on how your home needs to be connected to our network, our engineers will bring a new fibre cable into your home, either overhead via an existing telephone pole, underground via existing or new ducting or, if you’re in a flat/apartment, from directly outside your home if it has been pre-installed in your building.

The fibre cable will be fed into your home via a small hole which the engineer will drill in your wall.

This will be connected to a small fibre box which will be fixed to your wall inside your home.

The engineer will connect your new router to the fibre box and test your broadband service, ensuring you are connected to 1Gbps hyperspeed broadband.

To connect the fibre box and wi-fi router, we will need two power sockets or a suitable adapter.

Lastly, the engineer will tidy up, make sure you’re connected to wi-fi and answer any questions you may have.

We’ll ask for a signature to complete the work then we’ll be on our way, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you have the fastest broadband in the city, to enjoy all the streaming, gaming, shopping and that box-set binge you’ve had your eyes on!

You can change your installation appointment to suit your schedule, please login to your WeFibre account (coming soon) or inform our delivery team via email or on the phone at 0330 229 0222.

Please note that We may charge a fee for last minute changes after 2 pm the day before your installation.

We will normally install the fibre box near your existing telephone point in your home, but this will vary from property to property. The engineer will discuss this with you when they arrive.

If any furniture needs to be moved, we’d need you to move it for us.

We will need access to at least two power sockets nearby, one to power the fibre box and one to power the wi-fi router.

We use existing ducts and poles wherever possible so that disruption is kept to a minimum.

🤖 Technical

No explicit blocking currently

WeFibre provides cutting edge, market leading routers from Zyxtel, that provide the best throughput for our 1Gbps services.

Yes, you may replace the WeFibre provided router to one of your choice.

Be advised that for fault investigation purposes we may require you to re-connect your WeFibre router so do please keep it to hand

🔥 Speed

You can test your broadband speed using one of the Ookla speedtest apps.

We recommend performing the speedtest on your computer with a wired connection, as mobile devices are not powerful enough to measure the 900Mbps top speed we provide.

Please remember to select “wefibre” as your speedtest server.

Wi-Fi performance will vary and is impacted by many external factors such as walls, distance from router and interference from other devices such as cordless phones and televisions.

The best way of getting the maximum speed of your internet is to connect your device via a good quality ethernet cable straight into your router. We recommend a CAT6 or CAT5e cable for best performance. Your device also needs to have a 1Gbps ethernet port.

Other device factors such as device memory and CPU capacity may limit the speed test results. If you aren’t getting 1Gbps try closing other programs on your computer and see if this improves the results.

If this improves the results but it still doesn’t reach 1Gbps this might mean that your device isn’t capable of reaching higher speeds, but don’t worry, you will still be able to receive a total of 1Gbps across all your devices, so you’ll still be able to make the most of your hyperspeed broadband.

Many older current devices aren’t capable of reaching 1Gbps over wi-fi. Usually, only newer, top-end devices have the capability to receive these speeds.

Wi-fi speeds are also impacted by external factors like furniture, walls, distance from the router and interference from other electrical devices like cordless phones, baby monitors or other wi-fi routers.

You can test your broadband connection speed as described above.

If you aren’t getting 1Gbps, try closing other programs on your computer and see if this improves the results. Anti-virus software is often a cause of slow downloads due to the way it checks download data. If this improves the results but it still doesn’t reach 1Gbps, this might mean that your device isn’t capable of reaching 1Gbps.

If you believe that your slow speeds are not due to your device, then please report this to us via your customer portal or give our friendly support team a call on 0330 029 0222 and we’ll investigate your issue.

💡 Support & Troubleshooting

Yes, our core network operates on 99.99% availability at all times.

Our engineers are quick to respond to any problems that arise. We operate all our networks against market leading SLA’s. Our proactive network monitor means we will often know about a network problem before our customer's and so will already have mobilised before the issue is reported to us.

If you have any other issues or queries about your service, our friendly care team can be contacted 8am – 9pm Monday – Friday and from 9am – 5pm at weekends

Email: [email protected]

Social media:

Manchester, London & Bristol.

Coming soon.

💰 Government Support

As part of the Government's Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS), business and residents in some rural and remote parts of the UK are eligible for voucher funding towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband to their premised when part of a group project.

Vouchers worth up to £3,500 for each small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and up to 1,500 per residential premise are available to support the cost of installation.

Once you have created enough interest in your area or community, the fund that you generate goes direct to Telcom, trading as WeFibre to offset the cost of delivering the improved fibre service.

WeFibre helps communities coordinate and group together interested residents and businesses to form community projects. If you are interested in getting your community together in order to see WeFibre launch in your area then please contact our support team at [email protected].

Nope! We do all the hard work for you by claiming and processing the voucher on your behalf so no paperwork is required! You will however be required to action a couple of emails sent via DCMS asking you to confirm your chosen supplier and then to confirm we have provided you with your shiny new fibre connection.

🏦 Landlord information

Having full-fibre broadband in your property makes it even more appealing for tenants, especially now more people are working from home. And for some properties having full-fibre broadband can even increase your property value when you come to sell.

Installation is really simple and will take around an hour. Our professional engineer will need to bring the fibre into your property via a small hole (less than 8mm) which will be fully sealed. We will mount a fibre box on the wall in a location agreed at installation and nearby an appropriate power socket.

Any fibre within your property will be a white 3mm fibre cable and will be tacked to the wall.

The person that is paying for the service should be the one to place the order, this can be either the landlord or the tenant. If the tenant is placing the order, it is their responsibility to ensure that they have permission from the landlord to have WeFibre broadband installed before the installation goes ahead.

📞 Additional services

WeFibre is a broadband only supplier, this means we do not offer a TV or phone service.

Many customers now watch most of their TV through streaming and on demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, Amazon Video Prime, Apple TV, NOW TV or Disney+.

With WeFibre’s hyperspeed full-fibre broadband you can stream these all of the services from SD to 4K, safe in the knowledge that buffering is a thing of the past.

As we are using our own network to provide our broadband service, if you want to keep your current phone line or TV service you can do so as well as using WeFibre’s service.

Need to keep a landline?

This can be done through our parent company, Telcom.

As WeFibre is a broadband only supplier, and one of our core tenets is simplicity, we don’t bundle in landline services. However if you would like a landline service these can be order from our partner Telcom.

Single dedicated IPv4 can be purchased for £6/m.

No, we do not bundle this with our broadband package. This does not stop you from signing up to the TV services you prefer and use your new hyperfast broadband to enjoy 4K content.

📃 Other

We are a community lead, internet provider specialising in rural areas. We rely on communities to group together to make our network roll out viable, power in numbers is the key here!

Our mission is to simply to do the right thing for Britain by ensuring everyone has the access they need and deserve.

We fund these projects with the support of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS). To read more about the scheme and how to register your community check out our GBVS page.

Spread the word! Share this website and pool together your vouchers with other residents and businesses in your area to increase the value of your Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Speak to us about a PDF intro pack that you can share with your neighbours.

We’re also always on the lookout for WeFibre heroes, who play a crucial part whether it be a community champion or a plot of land we can use to house equipment or temporarily store machinery. We provide free internet to every WeFibre hero.

There are 3 types of WeFibre heroes we need on any project. A WeFibre hero can help in many ways;

📢 The community champion
Are you the man or woman about town? Do you find yourself not being able to walk 100 metres before bumping into someone you know? You could be just the person we’re looking for! Each project requires at least one community champion, the purpose of the community champion is simple - We need as many people to reserve a voucher as possible in order to make your project viable so we need a community champion to spread the word about WeFibre.

🛫 The enabler
Every build needs a starting point, a place where all the fibre goes back to and the magic happens. For each network build, we need a small area (approx 120cm x 50cm) to install an outdoor cabinet, a bit like the green ones you see on the streets. It’s very unobtrusive and doesn’t require any power or maintenance but we may need access to it once in a while. If you have a bit of unused land that could be suitable, you could enable this whole project.

🏡 The host
We’re rolling this out in areas all over the country and so storing equipment and materials out our central base in Manchester doesn’t always make logistical sense. We therefore require a bit of land (ideally 2,000 sq ft or more) to call home for a few weeks. We’re not precious how it looks and we’re very tidy tenants - we'll always clear up after ourselves.