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1Gbps for £20

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We dared to do what all other providers can but won’t. We’re the only provider in the UK to offer Gigabit only hyperfast full fibre broadband at an unbeatable affordable price point.

They wouldn’t, so WeFibre did.

🔥 We’re the broadband provider the industry doesn’t want to see win

We believe in impact, we believe in digital inclusion, we believe if everyone has access to Gigabit fibre great things can happen in Britain.

🚀 We stand for one thing only

Gigabit internet, nothing more nothing less. We could offer you a whole load of other lesser speed products but why would we bother when we can give everyone a Gig. We only offer one Gigabit product for both home and business customers. Simple and packs a punch.

💎 No strings and no sneaky fees

Not only do we like to keep things simple but we also like to keep them flexible. Sign up for a year or roll monthly if you can’t or don’t want to commit – it’s up to you.

And we’ll never increase your price during that period. So, if you’ve signed up for 12 months at one price, that’s the price it’ll stay all year.

Our mission

Our mission is simply to do the right thing for Britain by ensuring everyone has the access they need and deserve.

Phase 1

The UK’s fastest, Gigabit-only broadband is coming to England & Wales.

WeFibre is delighted to bring Gigabit-speed internet connectivity to the doorstep of homes and businesses across three initial launch locations.

As part of a multi million-pound investment to create a state-of-the-art 10,000Mbps full-fibre network in England and Wales, we will shortly be installing our network in your street.

🚧 Build status

West Yorkshire
In Design
In Design
Broadband Upgrade Fund
England & Wales
Collecting Interest

Join the waiting list for WeFibre

WeFibre projects are enabled by Government grant funding. Join the waiting list to be able to claim a free installation fees and receive your first month completely free of charge.

We'll use your details to confirm your grant eligibility and keep you fully up to speed with progress on the build and roll-out of our network.

Once we're ready, we'll get in touch to give you the opportunity to be one of the first WeFibre customers on your shiny new local fibre network 😊.

💡 Home businesses pay residential prices, so if your business operates from home, select 'yes'.