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Use this form to secure your grant funding towards the cost of full fibre before the time runs out

The grant process

1. Register your interest

If you haven't already done so, register your interest on our home page and our team will let you know if WeFibre is available at your address

2. Reserve your voucher

Once we've confirmed WeFibre is available at your address, use the reservation form on this page to reserve your voucher

Reserve my voucher

3. Action needed

Depending on the type of funding being used in your area, you will receive an email from either DCMS or the Broadband Upgrade Fund. Please action this ASAP to avoid losing your voucher.

4. Progress updates

You'll start to receive project updates on the build out in your area. As the build progresses, you'll be asked to select an install date that suits you.

5. Installation

Strap in and prepare for lift off with your shiny new 1Gbps internet connection!

Why do I need to reserve my voucher?

Vouchers make all of this possible. Without the grant funding currently available, we would not be able to bring fibre to your area. It’s crucial that we get as many vouchers reserved as possible in order to receive the required amount of funding so spread the word!

Even if you aren’t able to switch providers for a while, we still need to reserve your voucher to use in the future.

What happens when I reserve my voucher?

Don’t worry, reserving your voucher doesn’t mean you are ordering a service. You aren’t committed to anything at this stage. We will be in touch when the build has progressed enough to be able to take orders, this is usually within a couple of months of claiming your voucher.

Once the below form is complete, We will do the hard work by claiming your voucher. This means that we have locked in the grant funding, allowing us to build out in your area and lock in your monthly price.

Once we claim your voucher, you will receive an email from the DCMS or the Broadband Upgrade Fund asking you to confirm that we are your chosen provider. It’s important to note that the voucher will be claimed by our parent company - Telcom so there is no need to be alarmed by this.

You’ll then start to receive regular updates on the build in your area before finally receiving an order form and install date

When do I receive my voucher money?

The funding is given to us directly, but only after we complete your installation. Unfortunately the funding cannot be used for anything else.

I’m still not sure.

Check out our Support page for common questions and answers, and ways you can reach our team for more information.

🦸Receive free internet as a WeFibre hero (cape optional)

There are a few ways you can receive a free internet connection. Each project we undertake is always community driven and so we always require at least 3 WeFibre heroes. A WeFibre hero can help in many ways;

📢 The community champion


Are you the man or woman about town? Do you find yourself not being able to walk 100 metres before bumping into someone you know? You could be just the person we’re looking for! Each project requires at least one community champion, the purpose of the community champion is simple - We need as many people to reserve a voucher as possible in order to make your project viable so we need a community champion to spread the word about WeFibre.


3 years of free internet if you can get 20 signups

🛫 The enabler


Every build needs a starting point, a place where all the fibre goes back to and the magic happens. For each network build, we need a small area (approx 120cm x 50cm) to install an outdoor cabinet, a bit like the green ones you see on the streets. It’s very unobtrusive and doesn’t require any power or maintenance but we may need access to it once in a while. If you have a bit of unused land that could be suitable, you could enable this whole project.


Free internet whilst the cabinet is there

🏡 The host


We’re rolling this out in areas all over the country and so storing equipment and materials out our central base in Manchester doesn’t always make logistical sense. We therefore require a bit of land (ideally 2,000 sq ft or more) to call home for a few weeks. We’re not pescious how it looks and we’re very tidy tenants and always clear up after ourselves.


3 years of free internet

How to get involved

If you think you can help, let us know in the form below.

🚀 Reserve your voucher

💡 This form might look similar to the interest form you've already filled out, but please still complete it to ensure we have all the details correct and to allow us to confirm your permission to continue the grant application process.

💡 Home businesses pay residential prices, so if your business operates from home, select 'yes'.

By submitting this form, I am happy for Telcom, trading as WeFibre to claim a connection voucher on my behalf.