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Group together and get gigabit internet for your rural community funded by the government's Rural Gigabit Connectivity voucher scheme.

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Helping you partner with a service provider to get faster broadband to your community or building.

Our Rural Community Fibre programme was created to help empower communities in need of Ultrafast internet to crowdsource support. By combining your relationships, knowledge, local support and enthusiasm with our technical expertise, engineering, professional support and sustainability, we can deliver the infrastructure you need, funded by the government.

What is Rural Community Fibre?

Rather than one person footing the bill, with Rural Community Fibre lots of people get together to split the cost of something – in this case broadband infrastructure.

Raise the capital you need

We give your community/building the tools to build a customised fibre solution to bring fibre broadband to homes and businesses. We then help you establish the funding you need by helping you build the most affordable solution possible to meet your needs.

Finding the partner you need

Once funding requirements are established we advise on the level of grant you might be able to get to help pay for the build and connect you with the right service provider partner willing to help bridge any gap if one exists.


There is a diversity of benefits derived from the deployment of fibre, in areas or buildings that remain without the high-speed fibre broadband that is now available to the vast majority of people across the rest of the UK.


Helping tackling challenges associated with a lack of business investment, an ageing population and retaining a local workforce


Economic value residents’ place on fibre broadband and increases in house prices derived from its availability


Greater community engagement and well-being along with reduced isolation


Access to an emerging set of healthcare and educational technologies and services

Rural Gigabit Connectivity Grants

There are currently two key government grant schemes rural communities or buildings can access in order to fund deployment of full fibre infrastructure.

Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme

As part of the Government’s Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme business and residents in some of the hardest-to-reach places in the UK are eligible for additional funding towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband to their premises when part of a group project.

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Businesses up to £3,500
Residential up to £1,500


Rural premises with broadband speeds of less than 30Mbps can use vouchers worth up to £3,500 for each small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and up to £1,500 per residential premise. to support the cost of installing new gigabit-capable connections.

Access Broadband Cymru

This scheme is for Welsh group projects only. It gives people vouchers toward the costs of installing new broadband connections for homes and businesses.

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Businesses up to £800
Residential up to £800


For premises across Wales that are still unable to achieve a consistent broadband connection of 2Mbps or above and may not be served by the Superfast Cymru programme or where its roll-out has not yet commenced.

Rural Community Fibre group projects

Group projects are when two or more residents and/or SMEs get together to combine their vouchers towards the shared cost of installation.

It is possible to combine vouchers and boost the voucher value by joining together with other businesses or residents. This improves local infrastructure in areas where high-speed connections were previously unaffordable or unavailable, providing long-term service improvements and cost reductions. Our Rural Community Fibre project was created to help you and your neighbours make the most of your grant funding.

How to set up your own Rural Community Fibre project

Register to let us know you’re interested in a Rural Community Fibre project (don’t worry, you aren’t committing to anything at this stage). We’ll then email you a reference number, and details of what will happen next.

Around 24 hours later we’ll send you a second email with a link to a website. You can use this to fill in details of the addresses, postcodes and landline numbers of other local people who are interested in setting up the Partnership.

Fill in the interest form

This is when you’ll need to start drumming up support in your area. Talk to your neighbours and local businesses about the benefits of fibre broadband. Our ‘reaching out to your local community’ leaflet provides some advice on how to do this. Or we can get involved directly – just let us know.

At this point we’ll give you a ballpark project cost to bring fibre to your area. We’ll cover some of the costs, so the price in the quote will be what we call ‘the gap’ i.e. the amount we need to secure via Government funding as a part of the Rural Gigabit Scheme.

At this stage, we’ll need you to tell us if you want to go ahead, or if you’ve decided not to take things further (there’s still no obligation to do anything though).

We will liaise with you to form a route plan and after several meetings, surveys, discussions, and cups of coffee would work to put together a package suitable to submit to the government.

All of the above takes a lot of work to get together and into a workable package, Telcom has been, and will always be meticulous in supporting your planning and costings to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your buildings or communities.

Start a group project

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Supporting your Group

With our Rural Community Fibre programme Telcom helps communities create, submit and support Project Registered Schemes under the applicable grant scheme. Here’s how:

  • Lots of experience under previous schemes designing and delivering projects that meet the eligibility criteria of the scheme.
  • Dedicated design team to work through the discovery, occupier interaction and scheme application process.
  • Harnessing our wireless expertise, we can deliver projects that have multiple buildings such as business parks quicker and provide longer term more flexible infrastructure projects.

Why choose WeFibre for your Rural Community Fibre

Bespoke design

We design networks completely from scratch so they work for you and your community.

Complete installation

We guarantee quick installations that are managed internally by our technicians.

Fully maintained

Your network is maintained by our team, who will provide you with around the clock support.

Expert support

Our friendly team will be available for any questions you have. So you don't have to worry.

We have worked closely with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (who operate the scheme) for over a year in order for us to access and maximise the potential of vouchers for groups.